Airfix J6020 Bugatti Veyron Black/Red (Quickbuild)

Bugatti Veyron Black/Red (Quickbuild) - Image 1
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الصانع: Airfix
كود المنتج: afxJ6020
التوفر: في الأوراق المالية!
$19.15 أو 12800 نقاط.

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كود المنتجafxJ6020
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The Bugatti Veyron is a French sports car, produced by the German concern Volkswagen AG, which was first presented to the public in 2001 during the Geneva Motor Show. Its serial production lasted from 2005 to 2015 and was concentrated in Molsheim in France. The main designers of the car were: Joseph Kaban and Hartmut Warkuss.

The Veyron model was developed on the basis of the Bugatia EB 18/3 concept car and as a distant successor to the EB110 model. Design work on the new supercar began in 1999 and encountered numerous technological problems, as it was assumed that the new car would be the fastest car in the world, powered by the most powerful engine among sports cars. However, these assumptions were achieved. The Bugatti Veyron is powered by a 16-cylinder 1001hp engine, which has been increased to 1184hp in the Super Sport version! Such a powerful engine will allow the Veyron to accelerate to ... 431 km / h, although the series versions with speed limiters reach "only" 408 km / h. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is 2.5 seconds. It is worth noting that the cost of the entire project turned out to be so high that even despite offering Veyron at a price of approx. EUR 1 million, its sale is unprofitable.

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إضافة استعراض: Bugatti Veyron Black/Red (Quickbuild)
تمت الإضافة إلى الكتالوج على: 29.6.2017
التوفر: في الأوراق المالية!
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